Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Greensboro, NC

Does your home have an outdated popcorn ceiling? Ignoring disturbed or damaged asbestos-containing material is a gamble on your health and safety. Give us a call to remove the risks of asbestos-based illnesses.

An asbestos removal company like Popcorn Ceiling Scrapers can get rid of ACMs. Our experienced asbestos abatement team will expertly remove asbestos-containing material in your home.

Hire a Greensboro Asbestos Removal Before Doing a Home Renovation

If you are planning to renovate or demolish your ‘70s home, consider asbestos testing first. Asbestos-containing materials were widely used in homes during the ‘70s and ‘80s, and in Greensboro, NC, the law requires all buildings to be tested for asbestos prior to renovation or demolition.


Asbestos-related health issues are devastating and the risk of getting them should not be ignored. Hiring an asbestos abatement firm in Greensboro, NC is essential for preventing these issues. A professional should perform asbestos repair, removal, and disposal. Working with asbestos experts means:


  • Careful planning and execution of the asbestos removal.
  • Expert restoration of the beauty of your ceiling.
  • Upgrading the functionality of your room.
  • Getting the most out of your budget.
  • Avoiding doing the messy popcorn ceiling removal work.
  • Saving yourself from possible asbestos fiber exposure.


Dealing with asbestos-containing materials is not only stressful, but it is also dangerous as well. Many Americans have been exposed to it without them knowing. To avoid steep medical expenses and life-threatening illnesses, call Popcorn Ceiling Scrapers. We offer services that will help resolve your asbestos problems.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services in Greensboro, North Carolina

Avoid inhaling even small amounts of asbestos fibers that can damage your lungs. Consider the home asbestos removal services we are offering. All of our services are available to customers in Greensboro and nearby areas.


Popcorn Ceiling Repair


If you want flawless popcorn ceiling repair, trust the experts. We can fix the damaged ceilings by patching cracks and holes and applying a new coating. We also do ceiling replacements after a roof leak. Our asbestos specialists can repair:


  • Stucco ceilings.
  • Drywall mud bubbles ceilings.
  • Textured ceilings.


Popcorn Ceiling Asbestos


An in-depth examination of the asbestos-containing material is necessary to avoid the dangers of asbestos-related illnesses. The first step we will do is to investigate whether your home has ACMs.


Popcorn Ceiling Removal


Removing asbestos is no easy feat. It requires the expertise of seasoned asbestos removal contractors. Our process involves the complete removal of outdated popcorn ceilings and we also deal with especially damaged or dingy ceilings.


Symptoms of diseases caused by asbestos such as mesothelioma can last up to 50 years. as well as develop into other diseases as well. By hiring our services, you will prevent exposure and ensure clean air in your home. 


Contact Popcorn Ceiling Scrapers for a quick consultation and to get an asbestos removal estimate for your property.

Greensboro Asbestos-Containing Materials Frequently Asked Questions

What are the laws regulating asbestos removal in Greensboro, NC?

There are several regulations for using, distributing, and removing asbestos in North Carolina. Some laws focus on limiting the use of ACM, but many talks about its proper removal and disposal.


Repairs or renovation might disturb asbestos particulates. That is why asbestos removal must occur prior to renovation works. And asbestos removal companies in Greensboro have to submit fees and permits when removing asbestos.    


How does commercial asbestos removal work?

Asbestos removal follows a series of steps. Everything starts with keeping asbestos fibers from entering other areas of the home and then saturating the ACM to avoid spreading and contaminating other materials.


How long will the asbestos remediation take?

Many of our popcorn removal projects take 2 -3 working days. Smooth finishing may take another 2-3 days.


Is asbestos removal costly?

Removing asbestos typically cost per square foot. Ordering for a smooth finish will cost more.


Are you qualified to remove asbestos from my home?

Yes, we are. Popcorn Ceiling Scrapers is a trusted company with asbestos specialists that are licensed and experienced.

Schedule Your Asbestos Removal Service Today

Asbestos removal is complicated. It is best to work with a Greensboro-licensed and seasoned asbestos abatement company. When you want to consult or receive a popcorn ceiling asbestos removal estimate, call us. 


Popcorn Ceiling Scrapers is your partner for your asbestos removal project. We will discuss the entire process, potential challenges, and the best approaches. Contact us today!

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