Leaking Roof Ceiling Repair

Leaking Roof Ceiling Repair

Leaking Roof Ceiling Repair

Strong winds can cause devastating damage to your roof. North Carolina is among the states on Atlantic Coast that get affected by hurricanes, and homeowners often have to deal with ripped-off shingles, blown roof tiles, and molds from saturated ceilings. Ceiling repair from water damage may also be necessary.


After the storm, you may need some roof repair or replacement. Talk with ceiling repair companies for available services and options.


Is your roof leaking? Here are some leaking roof ceiling repair steps you can perform.

Be aware of the common signs of roof leaks

Sometimes there are subtle signs of roof leaks that we simply ignore, but when you notice any indications of a roof leak, it may be best to contact a professional contractor immediately. Look out for these signs:


  • Visible mold growth on your ceiling or wall.
  • The attic insulation is wet.
  • Discoloration on the wall and wet spots on the ceiling.
  • Dripping water from the ceiling.

Find where the leak is coming from

Storms and high winds can damage the roof materials. So there are several possible culprits for the roof leaks. Cracked pipe boots, ruptured chimney flashing, and loose shingles are just some of them. Check your house to inspect where the leak is from.

Repairing roof leak from the chimney

The flashing around the chimney is a waterproof seal, however, it can wear and tear over time and sustain significant damage after a storm. Fixing it right away is important to avoid leaks during heavy rain.


  • Identify the source of the roof leak. Look for any curled shingle, missing, or damage that may be the culprit.
  • Inspect the entire chimney. Check for cracks in the flashing or gaps in the sealant.
  • Get rid of loose debris around the chimney. Use a wire brush to remove the dirt.
  • Hammer down loose nails. If needed, add more nails to secure the flashing.
  • Fill the gaps between the flashing and the roof using a sealant. Make sure to cover everything including exposed nails.
  • Re-secure the flashing on the mortar joint. Pull the lip of the flashing from the mortar joint. Do not remove the entire flashing.
  • Clean out the mortar joint with a chisel and wire brush. Remove stones and debris, but be careful not to damage the flashing.
  • Apply mortar mix and place the lip of the flashing back again. Caulk around it.


The cost to repair flashing around a chimney depends on the material, roof type, size, and type of chimney, ranging fromĀ  $100 – $500.

Repairing roof pipe boot

A roof boot is a pipe vent that goes through the kitchen and bathrooms and out onto the roof. It is also known as a plumbing vent boot and has the purpose of preventing water from getting into the attic. If it gets damaged, here are the steps you can do:


  • Remove old, damaged caulking around the pipe. And then, run a caulk around the pipe and plunge or gasket.
  • Slide a new gasket down the pipe to glue the old and new.
  • Fill any gaping splits or cracks around the pipe with a sealant.
  • Hammer down loose nails around the pipe vent.


Heavy rains, strong winds, and scorching sun can damage the roof and small damages will eventually to significant roof damage, eventually affecting the functionality of the roof. Knowing how to repair sources of roof leaks will help stop the roof from deteriorating.

Repairing loose shingle

So how do you repair, replace, and secure roof shingles to prevent water leaks? Follow these steps:

  • Pop out the roofing nail under the damaged shingle using a flat pry bar.
  • Pull out the worn shingle and place the new shingle.
  • Secure the new shingle with a nail following the same previous nail pattern.

Shingles with small cracks do not always need to be replaced. Instead, repair them by applying thick roofing sealant under the cracks.


Water damage can quickly deteriorate the roof, so ceiling repairs from water damage are extremely important. The materials will rot and become more susceptible to leaks. Look for reputable ceiling repair companies that can do exceptional roof repair.


Hurricanes can cause significant roof damage. Especially if you have a popcorn ceiling that has been disturbed then immediate action will be necessary they often contain asbestos that is dangerous to health. Popcorn ceiling repairs or popcorn ceiling removals should be done to avoid potential exposure to asbestos fibers.

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