Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceiling removal

Popcorn ceilings have been integral to many homes’ designs for decades. But this ceiling gets discolored easily and is hard to clean; in addition to the asbestos risk, is enough for you to remove it. 

So, popcorn ceiling removal is a process that involves removing old, damaged, and dingy ceilings to make way for a new knockdown texture.

The process requires careful planning and execution, as well as experience and knowledge of the materials involved in the job. The Popcorn Ceiling Scapers team have years of home renovation experience. So we will expertly restore and upgrade your room’s original beauty and functionality.

In addition, the process is quite sensitive and needs a professional approach to handle it. However, you can check our DIY popcorn ceiling removal and painting later on this page; that’s only if you don’t have the budget to pay a popcorn/stucco ceiling removal company.

Why You Should Let Experts Remove the Popcorn Ceiling

Here’s why it’s best for our skilled technicians to do this:

It’s messy work

Popcorn ceiling removal can be messy because they are made of materials that will inevitably fall apart when exposed to heat or moisture. This means there will be dust and debris everywhere during the process — inside and outside your home.

You’ll need special equipment

Popcorn ceiling removal requires specialized equipment like hammers, chisels, scrapers, sprayers, and more if you want to get rid of them safely and efficiently without damaging anything else in your home. It’s also possible to cause injuries to yourself or others who may be present in your house at the time if the removal is done carelessly.

Time Saved

You should know removing this ceiling can be quite a tedious task for anyone. Not only does it require a lot of work, but it also requires a lot of patience and attention to detail. If you let us remove the popcorn ceiling for you, then we can take care of everything from start to finish at no extra charge! Our team will remove all of the popcorn from your ceiling so that it looks brand new again!

How We Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Our specialists have received training in popcorn ceiling removal. They have been engaging in this activity for quite a long time now. They will test for asbestos, protect your belongings, remove the popcorn and refinish your ceiling. Depending on the details of your requirements, we can also choose from a variety of drywall textures.

You will not have to worry about getting a new paint job when we remove your popcorn ceiling because we will ensure that everything is done properly and that there are no bumps or holes in the wall when we finish our work.

Once we have completed our work, we will leave everything as it was before we started so that you can enjoy your newly renovated room immediately!

Popcorn Ceiling Removal DIY Approach

If you have a popcorn ceiling, then you know what a pain it is to remove. Not only do you have to get up on a ladder, but you also have to scrape off the old popcorn. Some companies offer this service, but it can be expensive. If you want to save money and do it yourself, then read on for some tips and tricks on how to get rid of your popcorn ceiling removal.

First, gather all of the tools that are needed for the job. You will need a long steel scraper, a bucket of water and a dust mask. If you plan on doing more than one room, then consider buying an electric heat gun or sprayer from a hardware store. The sprayer will give the job a professional look when it’s done and will prevent any mould from growing inside your home or business space.

Step 1 is to protect your belongings. Then you’ll need to wet your ceiling. After that, scrape away the popcorn. You can use an electric sander or even sandpaper for this step to get rid of any paint buildup left over from previous attempts at removal. This ensures that everything will run smoothly and fast throughout the procedure. Once this has been done, prime over any rough spots where cracks or blemishes may be visible to prepare for painting later on.



How We Calculate Popcorn Ceiling Removal Cost

There are a lot of variables to consider when determining the cost for popcorn ceiling removal, so we’ve put together this section to give you an idea of what factors go into the equation.

Taking measurements of your room will be the first thing we need to do. This can be accomplished by measuring the length and width of the area, as well as the distance in feet that extends from one wall to the next. Once we know that, we can estimate the amount of material needed to cover your ceiling. In addition, our estimator will also tell you how much paint you need to cover 100 square feet, which is about 10 gallons for most rooms.

Next, we need to calculate the thickness of your current ceiling in inches. If it’s less than one inch thick, it should be easy enough for us to sand down with a hand sander or orbital sander before skimming a coat and paint over it.

If it’s more than one inch thick, we might need to remove old plaster before painting over it with primer and paint. This process involves cutting through plaster with a special power scraper.

We’ll then estimate how much labor it would cost for the whole process and give you the overall quote.

Here at Popcorn Ceiling Scapers, we guarantee that we will properly do the work, and on time! So, if you are tired of seeing the popcorn ceiling over your head every other day please call our nearest location immediately so we can take action right away before it becomes a serious problem for you!

*Note: that some service locations may use a different process to generate an estimate. All jobs sites have different settings to consider. 

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popcorn ceiling removal