Popcorn Ceiling Repair

popcorn ceiling repair

Do you want to save time on your popcorn ceiling repair, including removing the popcorn ceiling and refinishing it?

If your answer is a yes, Popcorn Ceiling Scapers are who you need for your popcorn ceiling removal before and after for a perfect finishing.

There are many problems that could arise with a popcorn ceiling (after removal), and this is why you need to hire someone who knows what they are doing to get the best results possible, efficiently. 

In order to fix the problem, we need to remove the old material from the ceiling and apply a skim coating over top of it so that it will look like a new surface. This is something that we have done many times before, and we know how to do it correctly every time so that our customers never have any problems with their ceilings or walls after we have finished working on them!

Do You Want to Repair Without Skimming the Entire Ceiling?

The process involves removing the popcorn, filling in any holes and cracks, and applying a new coating.

When patching ceiling damage during your texture ceiling repair, there are two options: repair the patches or skim coat over. For best results we’ll advice you to apply skim coating so that the entire ceiling is evenly coated.

Ceiling Replacement

Have you had a roof leak? A leaking roof could penetrate through to your drywall causing saturation. Once saturated the water will spread and start to drip onto your floors. Before you can fix your ceiling, you’ll need to make sure that the roof leak is repaired properly. Once the area is dry, you can either repair the damage or depending on the severity of the water damage, replace the ceiling. 

Which of Our Popcorn Ceiling Repair Services Suit You?

We have experience in popcorn ceiling repair for years. Popcorn Ceiling Scrapers offer a wide range of services, from removing the old texture to installing new drywall. Whatever your needs are, we can help!

Our popcorn ceiling repair services are designed to meet your needs. We can restore a variety of finish styles. 

Here’s a glimpse at each of our popcorn ceiling repair services. Find out which one fits you:

Repairing Stucco Ceiling

Stucco ceilings is another term for popcorn ceilings because of the stucco finish on top. This ceiling is often found in old houses and apartments. It’s easy to spot: if you have a bumpy ceiling, it might be an old stucco ceiling that needs repair.

There are different ways to handle this, but our best approach is to remove all existing paint layers, and then scrap off all the loose material from the surface of the ceiling. We then apply a bonding agent followed by a new layer of drywall mud to fill in any holes or cracks in the surface, and then we sand it down until it is smooth and even with the rest of the ceiling. 

Next is skim coating a joint compound on both sides of the joints between panels using a trowel, then sanding them down until they are super smooth. 

Textured Ceiling Repair

A textured ceiling is an interesting alternative to a traditional flat ceiling. It is possible to integrate style and character into any space by using this aspect. However, if you have a textured ceiling, chances are there are some areas where the texture has been lost over time due to wear and tear, other factors like humidity in the air, or just plain old age. If this is the case with your texture ceiling then our texture popcorn ceiling repair service will be able to fix it up, so it looks as good as new again!

Drywall Mud Bubbles Ceiling Repair

The mud bubbles forming in your ceiling result from the trapped moisture, which cannot escape due to some obstruction or damage. When the vapors get trapped inside the paint layer, they form into bubbles and push outwards to escape. These bubbles then pop up on the surface as small bumps or blisters.

With this service, we remove the existing bubbles in drywall and replace it with new drywall on top of the existing one. This is a cost-effective solution that usually requires minimal disruption to your daily life.

Want a Modern Ceiling Texture?

We love to repair dents and dings in ceilings, but we all know that getting them back to their original state is not always possible. This is why we’ll explain how to texture a ceiling during our toolbox talk and quotation discussions. You can then choose which texture finish you’ll like after repair.

Here are some of our common texture popcorn ceiling repairs:

Drywall Texture

The most common type of ceiling texture involves sanding the entire surface of your drywall ceiling. We’ll then apply a thin coat of joint compound or sealer consecutively to match the existing texture on surrounding walls and ceilings. The final result is often quite similar to the original texture that existed before we made the repairs. 

Removing Popcorn Ceiling and Refinishing

With this service, we’ll remove the old popcorn texture then sand down any bumps or imperfections on the ceiling surface. The skim coat serves two purposes: it provides an even surface for the next layer of drywall (or plaster) and seals any holes left behind by nails or other fasteners. From there, we’ll apply any ceiling finish of your choice.

Skim Coat Over Popcorn Ceiling

Skim coating is a great way to fix the problem with a popcorn ceiling without having to remove it. It’s also a great way to give your home an instant facelift by giving it a smooth, clean surface.

We’ll skim coat by applying a thin layer of plaster over the existing popcorn texture. The first coat will fill any holes and cracks. Once this coat dries, you can apply another layer with a larger sanded texture that gives the room a finished appearance.

So whatever ceiling repair service you need, we are well experienced in giving your house or office ceiling a significant uplift.



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popcorn ceiling repair